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Senior Salute: Caring for Seniors Over the Holidays

Senior Salute

Senior Salute Radio brings timely information to leading edge Boomers and Seniors about issues involving care-giving and aging.  Learn from both professionals and regular people going through the process with their families. Each week we will also Salute an incredible Senior.

Senior Salute Radio is presented by The Elder & Disability Law Firm of Victoria L. Collier.


Senior SaluteMichael Johnson, LCSW C-ASWCM ACHT/Certified Aging Life Care Manager at Metta Johnson & Associates

Michael has over ten years working as a medical social worker. He spent many of those years working as a hospice social worker, in which he supervised and directed teams of social workers. During that time he honed his skills in helping families understand complex medical issues, confusing government benefits, and the emotional challenges of caring for a loved one with various medical needs.

As a licensed clinical social worker Michael has extensive understanding of mental health diagnosis and their treatments. Additionally, Michael takes a holistic approach to helping his clients and their loved ones. He has also helped people achieve a renewed sense of peace in facing their healthcare needs through the use of his training in clinical hypnotherapy. He has developed several audio tracks for stress relief and pain reduction.

“The best part of this work is when my client and their loved ones get a sense of peace and reassurance knowing that someone is in their corner to provide expertise, compassion, and advocacy.”

DeKalb Business Today – December 18, 2015



On the final 2015 edition of DeKalb Business Today, host Matt Holmes looks ahead to the New Year with three local business leaders. Tamay Shannon sheds light on some of the new trends we’ll see in social media in 2016. Jim McMahan talks about how he built his mortgage company and gives us a look at some of the education issues he’s facing in his position on the DeKalb County School Board. IT veteran James Dallas shares the lessons he’s learned over a long career in his new book Mastering the Challenges of Leading Change: Inspire the People and Succeed Where Others Fail.


DBTJim McMahan/Owner & Broker at McMahan Mortgage, Vice Chair of the DeKalb County Board of Education

Jim McMahan is a third generation native Atlantan. He Graduated from Northside High School (APS) in 1983. Jim left college early at the age of 19 to work in the investment industry with Dean Witter Reynolds (now Morgan Stanley). He spent 17 years in the investment industry until starting a family and having kids, at which point he changed professions and joined the residential mortgage industry.

Jim was able to work from home, giving him the chance to volunteer at the neighborhood public school where his children attended. He joined the PTA and local school council and continued his advocacy until elected to the DeKalb BOE in 2013. His two lovely girls are in 8th grade at Henderson Middle School and 10th grade at Lakeside High School. His lovely wife is and has been the nurse manager for Atlanta Women’s Health Group located at Northside Hospital for the last 11 years.


DBTTamay Shannon/CEO of W2S Marketing

My story starts out at the height of unemployment. I got out of school and literally applied to hundreds of agency jobs. I had an excel file that I used to keep track of them all and it was daunting. But alas, to no avail. I wasn’t getting very far. I had been doing some work on the side helping people with their marketing and sharing what I knew.

Mother: Why don’t you start a business?

Me: Eh?

You see, I thought having a business meant I had been in corporate for 20 years or at least had a PhD.  I really believed that I didn’t have enough to start my business.

Not enough contacts.

Not enough knowledge.

Not enough money.

Well, as you may know:

Mother knows what?








You see, what I didn’t understand then – and what I do understand now, is that everyone has something to provide. And you don’t need some outside entity to validate your knowledge and experience! So, I started my business.

And that’s where I got my second lesson.

I had a coach. One who said I might want to look into niching. Logically, I said NO. I was focusing on “marketing for small business” in general. Anything that remotely dealt with marketing – I did it. And I was being pulled in a million different directions. So I decided to take a chance and tell people that my focus was social media.

Well, it was hard. There was the constant feeling that I was leaving people out and leaving money on the table. That’s not true. Narrowing my focus has opened up a lot for me.  I’d love to say that the business took off and we’re making a million a month. That’s not the case. What has happened:

By focusing on one aspect of marketing it is easier for me to educate myself on my industry.

I know the trends, ebbs, and flows of social media and use that knowledge for my clients.

I’ve developed great partnerships with others who compliment my expertise.

I know what my clients’ needs are and how to solve them.

And this is where we are now. 5 years in business and a social media agency that listens to your needs, spoken and unspoken, to deliver the results that will rock your business. Let’s get together and talk.


DBTJames Dallas/Owner of J. Dallas & Associates, Author of Mastering the Challenges of Leading Change: Inspire the People and Succeed Where Others Fail

James Dallas recently retired from Medtronic, Inc. where he was Senior Vice President of Quality, Operations and IT. Prior to joining Medtronic, Dallas was Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Georgia-Pacific Corporation. He spent the majority of his career focused on bridging the gap between strategy and execution, using IT for competitive advantage, and leadership development.

Dallas currently enjoys writing and speaking about handling change in the business world. He shares a lifetime of insights in his book, Mastering the Challenges of Leading Change: Inspire the People and Succeed Where Others Fail (Wiley, Sept. 2015). Using firsthand accounts, he demonstrates that spearheading change doesn’t come from a formula; it emerges from relationships developed with honest communication and informed decision making.

Dallas has been named one of the most powerful black men in corporate America several times in his career by Black Enterprise and Savoy magazines. He can be contacted through his consulting firm, James Dallas & Associates, which works with organizations and businesses to help them achieve the organizational alignment needed to successfully implement change. Visit or for more information.

Dallas grew up in Atlanta where he attended six different elementary schools and four high schools. He credits that experience for his ability to get along with people. He graduated from the University of South Carolina Aiken after attending on a basketball scholarship and in 1994 he earned an MBA from Emory University. He lives in Atlanta with Celest, his wife of 34 years. They have three daughters.


DeKalb Business Today – December 11, 2015



On this edition of DeKalb Business Today, host Matt Holmes welcomes a panel of local businesspeople who are growing their businesses, in part, through word of mouth marketing. Ted Wright shares the secrets of how Fizz Marketing is helping clients here in Atlanta – and all around the globe – to reach new customers. Kim Prillerman discusses her experiences in corporate coaching. Mitchell Anderson talks about the road from Hollywood to Atlanta and how he traded the stage for the kitchen. Elisa Iannilli looks at a new and popular trend in the local workforce – coworking.


DBTTed Wright/CEO of Fizz Marketing

Ted Wright has been at the forefront of Word of Mouth Marketing since he helped re-ignite the Pabst Blue Ribbon brand in 2000. Over the last decade, his agency has become a global leader in Word of Mouth Marketing with clients on every continent.

Often called the best WOMM speaker working today, Ted has won numerous public speaking awards for his talks on WOMM and always elicits more questions than a Q&A can handle.

An alumnus of Booz Allen & Hamilton, Ted holds an MBA with honors from The University of Chicago. He also enjoys great bourbon and drives too fast, but never at the same time.


DBTKim Prillerman/CEO & Founder of Soaring Corporate Coaching

Kim has over 25 years of experience as a leader in a Fortune 500 company including international experience. She is a certified corporate coach, energy leadership master practitioner, a certified DISC trainer and holds a masters in Human resources. Kim specializes in helping organizations develop their most valuable asset: their people. With an emphasis on developing highly successful leaders, Kim routinely works with individuals and companies to produce teams and employees that are engaged, energized, and aligned to the goals of their organization.

Prior to founding Soaring Corporate Coaching and Consulting, Kim spent over two decades in various leadership and development roles. She was responsible for creating award-winning teams, designing strategy, developing emerging leaders and managing employees who genuinely enjoyed their work and felt loyal to their organization.

Kim brings all of this experience to her work at Soaring Corporate Coaching and Consulting, to help companies of all sizes develop their own award-winning teams and leverage the power of human potential to achieve their organizational objectives. She believes it all starts with the leader and leadership self awareness is the key to becoming an ideal leader.

Kim brings a personal “out of the box approach” to leadership development and corporate coaching. She  energizes others through her enthusiasm and passion to help others to soar.


DBTMitchell Anderson/Author of “Food & Thought”, Founder & Owner of MetroFresh

In October of 2005, Mitchell opened the original MetroFresh, where ever since he has served as head chef, general manager, catering guru, busboy, greeter-in-chief, and, at times, delivery boy.  A native of Jamestown, NY, Mitchell received a BA in Theatre at Williams College and went on to study acting at The Juilliard School in New York City.  For nearly twenty years, Anderson worked in film, television and on stage as a professional actor, most notably in popular the television series, DOOGIE HOWSER, MD, and PARTY OF FIVE.  In 2002, Anderson moved to Atlanta and left show business behind.

Having spent most of his life as an amateur cook, Anderson discovered he could take his love of food and translate it into a second career.  He sought the guidance of a mentor in Jennifer Levison, owner/chef of the very popular Buckhead eatery, Souper Jenny.  Under her tutelage, Mitchell took his “at home” cooking experience, learned a new artistic, creative approach to food and how the restaurant business worked.  After nearly three years in the kitchen with Jennifer, she gently nudged him on his way to create his own restaurant and MetroFresh was born.

Anderson began writing the MetroFresh Daily Email the first day MetroFresh opened in Midtown.  The daily musings about the restaurant, food, family, friends, current events and tales from his childhood have personalized the MetroFresh experience.  The blog has become an everyday ritual for many loyal customers and is even read by fans all across the country.

Mitchell is active in local theatre and is a supporter of many local charities.


DBTElisa Iannilli/General Manager of Decatur CoWorks

Elisa Iannilli is the General Manager at Decatur CoWorks, a coworking space in Decatur.  She started off as a part-time front desk attendant in March 2015 and quickly moved up to general manager in June 2015.  Elisa enjoys providing a comfortable work environment for individuals and groups to work, meet, and collaborate.  She has had the privilege of meeting a variety of people in various fields who work hard to establish and maintain their small business.  She’s witnessed individuals become more successful and fulfilled as they achieve their goals through concentrated workdays.

DeKalb Business Today “Special Edition”



On a special edition of DeKalb Business Today, host Matt Holmes explores a new concept of “one stop shopping” in the health care insurance industry. Marcus Robinson discusses how Harken Health – which just opened December 3 in downtown Decatur – is providing customers everything from health coverage to health care, while encouraging exercise and healthy eating.


DBTMarcus Robinson/VP of Sales for Harken Health

A professional experienced in sales strategies and products for the health care industry, Marcus Robinson is the Vice President of Sales for Harken Health. He oversees sales operations development, leads and formalizes all sales distribution strategies in commercial segments, directs the recruiting and hiring of sales and account management staff and cultivates relationships with distribution partners. Marcus also facilitates work across the company’s divisions to drive sales growth and retention.

Prior to Harken Health, he was the Director of Sales and Account Management for the Small Business division at UnitedHealthcare, a company he joined in 2007. In each of his four roles during his career there, he focused on small business insurance sales strategies, products and services.

Marcus earned his B.S. in Marketing and Information Management from the University of Tennessee.

Growing up, Marcus’s family moved around throughout the Midwest, and he finished high school in Fayetteville, Arkansas. He and his wife have their hands full with their toddler son, but they do make time to enjoy an active lifestyle by participating in Crossfit as well as outdoor activities. Marcus leads a Sunday School class at the First Baptist Church of Atlanta, and if he is lucky enough to steal any spare time, he likes to ride motorcycles around the city.

DeKalb Business Today “Lunch Hour” – December 11, 2015



On this edition of DeKalb Business Today, host Jason Becknell explores a unique investment opportunity: the cannabis industry. Derwin Wallace joins the show to discuss where medical marijuana laws stand here in Georgia and how the changing laws here and across the country could mean big bucks for cannabis investors.


DBTDerwin Wallace/President & CEO of Investor Webcast

Investor relations, financial communications and finance professional at companies which include Canna Investor Relations, First Data, National Association of Investor Corps., ResCare, The Home Depot, Cox Communications, Isle of Capri Casinos and Chatfield Dean Investment Banking.

I am bringing my Fortune 500 Company investor relations experience to the CANNA industry.



Canna Investor Relations, Funding, Webcast & Conferencing

July 2014 – Present (1 year 6 months)Greater Atlanta Area

•Canna investor relations consulting (e.g. earnings, press releases, investor communications, investor roadshows

•Canna funding via hedge funds, private equity, foreign/domestic family offices, venture capital and public

•Increase canna publicly-traded companies’ liquidity, awareness, and exposure.

•Project management, sales, hosting, coordinating and marketing of the monthly Canna Investor Webcast &

•Connect canna publicly-traded companies with investors, analysts, and financial media.

Please visit:




Director of Canna Investor Conference – Independent Contractor


May 2014 – July 2014 (3 months)Greater Denver Area

My responsibilities included hosting, coordinating and sales for Canna Investor Conference in Denver, CO on June

29 – July 1, 2014, where we connected industry privately-held and publicly traded companies with industry investors.


Director of Investor Relations / Financial Communications

First Data Corporation

October 2012 – December 2013 (1 year 3 months)Greater Atlanta Area

•Support the Executive Committee and Head of Investor Relations in all aspects of the Investor Relations program.

•The preparation of official company disclosures (press release, presentations, transcripts, annual reports,etc).

•Track sell-side consensus and compare to internal forecasts, creating a plan of action if necessary to alter external

•Establish and maintain effective relations with sell-side analysts and investors.

•Acting as day to day contact and provide responses to questions and information requests from the financial community including investors and analysts.

•Act as internal consultant for the Company regarding financial markets, as well as industry and competitor

•Prepare Q&A for deals, events, company news, etc.

•Organization and/or management of logistics for earnings and other releases, investor day(s), investor meetings.

•Accompany executive management or other company executives on roadshows and broker conferences.

•Planning for company attendance/presentations/investor meetings at conferences.

•Prepare PowerPoint presentations and related material for investor and media meetings.

•Share internal responsibility for the regular update and maintenance of the Investor Relations website.

•Maintain databases of investors, analysts and media.


Director of Corporate Development & Investor Relations


February 2010 – October 2012 (2 years 9 months)Detroit, MI

•Responsible for corporate investor relations for one of the largest retail investor organizations in the U.S.

•Main point of contact for retail investors who collectively invest $75M monthly with a portfolio value of $70B.

•Create specialized programs that help corporations meet their retail investor targeting goals.

•Work closely with publicly traded companies CEO, CFO, V.P of IR, V.P. of Marketing and V.P. of Public Relations to expand retail investor targeting efforts.

•Coordinate investor conferences (physical and virtual).

•Identify opportunities for corporations to gain retail investor exposure via conferences, website, virtual presentations and webinars, magazine, direct mail and e-mail.

•Keep publicly traded companies apprised of new product and service offerings to reach the retail investor

•Assist corporations with event coordination to present investor presentation to large retail investor audience.

•Expand client base of publicly traded companies.

•Develop marketing collateral and presentation materials to attract publicly traded companies.

•Produce weekly closed and forecasted revenue reports and annual departmental budget reports.

•Create specific reports for corporation’s senior management team to gauge exposure impact.


Director of Investor Relations / Financial Communications


June 2007 – January 2010 (2 years 8 months)Louisville, KY

•Develop, or support the development of various communication materials, such as quarterly earnings announcements and releases, conference call scripts, Q&A, investor presentations.

•Provide ongoing, direct interface with institutional and retail investors, and research analysts.

•Company, peer and industry performance, research and analysis.

•Keeping senior management and Board of Directors informed regarding capital / debt market issues and trends.

•Company presentations at investor conferences, road-shows, one-on-ones and analyst day.

•Annual Meeting coordination.

•Main point of contact for buy-side and industry sell-side.

•Institutional, retail investor targeting and shareholder identification.

•Oversee Investor Relations and Corporate Governance website content.

•Communicate regarding the company’s current events, strategic objectives and investment community perceptions; present appropriate guidance (within the confines of Regulation Fair Disclosure) to the investment community regarding the company’s operating results, business strategies and effects of special developments.

•Act as an internal consultant by bringing industry and competitor information and perspectives from the investment community to management.

•Direct and execute the collection, analysis, and presentation of feedback to the company of investors perceptions and opinion’s, analyst’s positions and summaries, relative stock price movements, and periodic ownership analysis.

•Identify the core messages, appropriate information content and optimal positioning to obtain an accurate valuation of the company in the market.

•Analyze quarterly results and compile relevant information for use at the quarterly conference call with analysts/investors and throughout the quarter during regular discussions with investors.

•Review and analyze external research reports and earnings models.


Director of Financial Planning & Analysis / Financial Controller

Isle of Capri Casino

October 2004 – September 2006 (2 years)Biloxi, MS

•Manage the planning and analysis function (e.g. gaming analysis, strategic planning, budgeting, marketing)

•Preparing, updating and improving financial models for monthly and quarterly P&L forecasting.

•Budget vs. Actual variance analysis.

•Financial statement review.

•Management reporting at each monthly and quarterly-end.

•Create quarterly forecasts, annual budget and 5 year strategic plan.

•Generate reports, graphs, and financial metrics.

•Calculation of DCF, NPV, IRR, ROI, ROA etc.

•Review and edit UK section of the 10Q, 10K / Annual Report.

•Create Board of Directors quarterly meeting presentation materials.

•Monitor debt and debt compliance at United Kingdom subsidiaries.

•Generate CAPEX reports and monitor actual to plan variances for new casino development projects.

•Development of measurable objectives or Key Performing Indicators (KPI’s).

•Perform sensitivity, regression, customer and profitability analysis.


Investor Relations/ Financial Communications – Senior Analyst

Cox Communications

April 2003 – October 2004 (1 year 7 months)Greater Atlanta Area

•Support the corporate goal of ensuring that market valuations for company debt and equity accurately reflect the value of its future earnings.

•Company, peer and industry performance, research and analysis.

•Point of contact for all prospective investor’s, proactively build relationships with investment community, including buy/sell side analysts and institutional/retail investors.

•Assist in the development of key messages and communication materials for earnings releases, earnings conference calls, annual reports, investor meetings/presentations, BOD meetings and industry events.

•Develop and coordinate company outreach to target list of institutional investors.

•Review analyst’s reports on company, peers and competitors and report findings to senior management.

•Monitor peers and competitor’s earnings conference calls and relay key messages to senior management.

•Monitor ratings and earnings estimates from sell-side analysts and stock market activity.

•Determine which institutions, were buying and selling company stock.

•Manage investor relations section of company web-site and planning of annual shareholder meeting and analyst

•Assist in ensuring compliance with disclosure requirements through adherence to Regulation FD, Sarbanes-Oxley, and SEC requirements (10-Qs, 10-Ks, proxies).

•Keeping senior management and Board of Directors informed regarding capital / debt market issues and trends.

•Company presentations at investor conferences, road-shows one-on-ones and analyst day.


Investor Relations / Financial Communications – Analyst

Home Depot

July 1995 – April 2003 (7 years 10 months)Greater Atlanta Area

•Evaluate and critique twenty-four Wall Street analyst’s financial models and relay key assumptions to senior

•Analyzing and summarizing research on an extensive list of customers, suppliers, and peers as well as the industry

•Maintaining industry competitor analysis to track the trading performance of industry peers, key suppliers and customers, and track analyst consensus estimates.

•Assisting in the quarterly earnings process which includes creating and/or editing scripts, earnings releases and

•Maintaining the online investor database and assist with investor targeting analyses.

•Assisting the team with participation in analyst conferences and investor meetings which involves preparing investor summaries, press releases, slide presentations, and coordinating the details for our participation with

•Managing investor relations website and respond to email requests.

•Assisting in the coordination of our major annual investor and analyst event.

•Development of quarterly presentations for Board of Directors meetings.

•Development of investor kit and investor fact sheet materials for investors and analyst.


Equity Capital Markets Analyst

Chatfield Dean Investment Banking

January 1992 – July 1995 (3 years 7 months)Greater Atlanta Area

•Assist in structuring, marketing and distribution of all public equity offerings (initial public offerings, secondary transactions and convertible equity offerings).

•Compiling industry and company information and conducting detailed financial and public offering data analysis.

•Development of presentations for road-shows to Corporate Investment Banking clients.

•Summarization of broader market conditions and compilation of institutional investor feedback and historical transaction pricing metrics.

•Assist in the use and building of financial models (depicting a company’s historical and future results).

•Analyze companies’ financial performance (ratio analysis) and operational performance.

•Assist with financial valuation (M&A valuation, comps, LBO, DCF, projections).

•Assisting with preparation of marketing materials (pitch book, prospectus, brochures, newsletters, fact sheets, etc.

•Organize and prepare presentations and participate in deal pitches (which explain industry trends, discuss client options, and recommend strategies to meet client goals).

DeKalb Business Today “Special Edition”



On a special edition of DeKalb Business Today, host Matt Holmes looks at the refugee population in DeKalb County and how a special group of people is trying to help them develop job skills and life skills to survive and assimilate in a new country.




Chris Chancey/CEO of Amplio Recruiting

Chris Chancey is the CEO of Amplio Recruiting, staffing Atlanta companies with the refugee workforce. Connect with Chris on Twitter (@chrischancey, @amplio_recruit) or visit their website:


DBTAndrew Kraft/Founder of Dwell, LLC

Andrew Kraft is the founder of Dwell, a residential and commercial cleaning company created to employ refugees in Atlanta. Dwell’s multi-cultural workforce employs men and women from across the globe, making it a dynamic and rewarding place to work, spiced up with the occasional head-slapping surprise. Prior to launching Dwell in 2012, Andrew worked for the consumer products company Kimberly-Clark in various operations, human resources and strategic project roles. Andrew lives in Decatur Georgia with his fantastic wife Colleen, three filthy boys and one glorious dog.


DBTKitti Murray/Founder of Refuge Coffee Co.

We dream of a more vibrant Clarkston, one where refugees have opportunities to thrive. Where they from survival in their first days here to building a life. Where people from greater Atlanta and beyond discover the multi-textured beauty of a global culture right here in our own backyard.

Refuge Coffee Co., a 501c3 non-profit business, exists to serve the global community in Clarkston through coffee-related job creation, job training, social networking, and commerce.

We believe in the resilience of our refugee neighbors. We see incredible strength in our barista/trainees. Our goal is to join in the task of empowering our refugee friends to use their many gifts to help us create refuge. One day soon, we hope to see Clarkston emerge as a destination, a richly-textured “village” where people who live in greater Atlanta and beyond come to experience a dining, entertainment, and shopping experience created by a robust collaboration between immigrant and American business owners.


DBTLucas Keller/Director of The Lantern Project

Luke Keller is the director of The Lantern Project. Lantern Project Training is a non-profit organization that serves those who are underemployed or unemployed by providing construction trade training, leadership development, and job placement. In Atlanta they primarily serve the refugee community in Clarkston. The Lantern Project serves to provide those struggling with poverty a hand up not a hand out.

DeKalb Business Today “Power Lunch” – December 4, 2015


On the December edition of the DeKalb Business Today “Power Lunch”, we welcome a panel of guests from all different sides of the food industry. Blake Marshman talks about the challenges of managing and expanding a restaurant chain. Audra Luke discusses her work training the next generation of chefs. Steven Carse details the rise of his popsicle company from a start-up to a regional power. James Maggard takes us behind the scenes at DeKalb County’s newest upscale restaurant.



Blake Marshman/Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe

A long-awaited trip to Greece in 1997 should have been a relaxing getaway for Taziki’s founders Keith and Amy Richards. Instead, they became inspired. As the perfect excuse to continue their love affair with Greek food, they brought the idea for Taziki’s home. A vision materialized in their hearts and minds of a place somewhere between the tasty Mediterranean markets and their mothers’ kitchens, where simple ingredients and imaginative recipes would come together for a refreshing and original experience. Together, they created a menu loaded with creative twists on classic dishes, and launched a unique dining spot (with a unique name to match!) in 1998. The smallness of the 1000-square-foot restaurant made customers feel like family, which worked out nicely, as that’s how Keith and Amy thought of them, too. The company’s headquarter in Birmingham, AL and now has 50 locations in 14 states. We currently have 7 locations in Georgia.




Audra Luke/Le Cordon Bleu

Le Cordon Bleu Atlanta offers 10 industry-current kitchens, 4 demo classrooms and 6 regular classrooms where students learn side by side from professional chefs who take the time to know their students.



Steven Carse/King of Pops

If you’ve heard a story about our beginnings, it was more than likely a tale of one person overcoming a corporate layoff or of a lawyer eschewing the courtroom for the kitchen. While both of these things happened, neither is the whole story…

King of Pops was conceived overlooking the beach in Central America many years ago. Three adventurous brothers, born of a fruit-smoothie-loving mother, were taking a break from a day of exploration to talk about life and love, but mainly paletas- the Latin American ice pops they had fallen in love with during their travels.

That trip would, as trips tend to do, eventually come to an end, but these three gringos never stopped dreaming of paletas. It became an obsession to bring these delicious fresh-fruit creations back home with them to share with the good people of Atlanta.

Eventually, the youngest brother, Steven, was a victim of massive layoffs at his employer, AIG. There were no more excuses not to follow his dreams and King of Pops was born. No longer laboring inside a cramped cubicle, Steven was now laboring inside his own cramped kitchen. With the help of his brother Nick (the lawyer), their family, and a handful of friends, he began to experiment with a variety of techniques and recipes in an effort to recapture the essence of those first pops he had enjoyed years ago.

After countless hours of trial and error, King of Pops opened its first cart, much like the ones that had inspired the brothers years before. The original Poncey-Highland location was a quick success and soon carts could be seen popping up (pun intended) at local farmers markets and festivals.

Eventually, all-night pop making sessions weren’t enough, and it was time for Nick to come on board full time. He decided to leave his stable job as a lawyer to work on what he and his little brother had dreamt together.

Today our team is growing and we have our own kitchen (some of us even have business cards now!), and we have enlisted close friends to spread our vision to nearby cities. Our goal, however, remains the same: to provide an ecologically responsible, fresh, all-natural frozen treat in a fun neighborhood environment.

We still toil late into the night in the kitchen and you can often find Steven slinging pops at that original Poncey-Highland location or (if you get up early enough) you can see Nick picking through fresh fruit at the farmers market.

We love making pops. We hope you love eating them.



James Maggard/The Local No. 7 and M572

The Local No. 7 is the third of a group of restaurants and the first one of its kind. The first two restaurants are Matador Cantina Oakurst and Matador Cantina Glenwood Park. Having succeeded very well with Mexican food, we have decided to branch out in to some new ideas. Tucker is a wonderful growing area and we are proud to be a part of it.

The name Local No. 7 comes from the significance of the number 7 and history of Tucker. Tucker is 7 miles from Atlanta, Stone Mountain, Decatur, Chamblee, Doraville, and Lilburn; at one time had 7 churches; 7 high schools within 7 miles of Tucker, and Tucker was laid out in 1907. All of this made it obvious that we had to name our restaurant with number “7”. And what better drink to go with number 7 than whiskey, so we offer a wide variety of whiskey’s to go with our great burgers. The “Local” relates to the local railroad which thirty feet from our door.

We have set our menu, restaurant and bar to be very family friendly while also promoting a late night atmosphere with drinks. We welcome you to grow with us as we evolve in to what will hopefully be a new Tucker landmark.

DeKalb Business Today – December 4, 2015


On this edition of DeKalb Business Today, host Matt Holmes welcomes a trio of business leaders with ties to Emory University. Emory alum Kristin Diver talks about the importance of getting small businesses organized and how that can pay dividends come tax time. Brian Goebel discusses his efforts to help small businesses grow their networks and find capital. Emory professor Sandy Jap rounds out the panel, looking at how business relationships involving friends can go sour.


DBTBrian Goebel/Director of the Start:ME Accelerator Program at Emory University Goizueta School of Business

Brian is passionate about knowledge, networks, and capital- the key elements required to address the most critical social challenges that we collectively face today. Brian applies these elements in implementing the field work of Social Enterprise @ Goizueta (SE@G).

Brian works closely with students, faculty, staff and community stakeholders as Managing Director to support SE@G’s wide array of initiatives and partnerships which includes student-led programs and Nicaragua based initiatives (specialty coffee and community health).

As Program Director for Start:ME, he works closely with community partners and business professionals to provide promising micro-entrepreneurs the business tools, network access and early-stage financing needed to develop sustainable businesses that not only support entrepreneurs and their families, but also build neighborhood vitality.

Brian’s expertise lies in strategic planning, organizational development, change management, program design and business planning. He brings a mix of corporate and community experience to the table as Brian previously served as a Management Consultant with Deloitte and Community Builder with the United Way of Greater Atlanta.



Kristin W. Diver/President of System Happy, Inc.

Kristin Diver cycled through various careers as an economic forecaster, a Spanish interpreter, and a European tour guide before finally settling down and starting System Happy nearly ten years ago. Fluent in four languages, she grew up in Puerto Rico and loves to travel.  One of her favorite experiences was spending six hours negotiating for three pounds of silver jewelry in Morocco (in French)!  She is president-elect of the Georgia Chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers and lives in Decatur with her husband and two young children.


DBTSandy Jap/Professor of Marketing at Emory University Goizueta Business School, Author of “Partnering with the Frenemy: A Framework for Managing Business Relationships, Minimizing Conflict, and Achieving Partnership Success”

Sandy Jap’s research focuses on the development and management of interorganizational relationships such as how to create and manage strategic alliances over time, how to balance their risks and rewards, and how to share the payoffs of close collaborations. These efforts have been conducted in a number of industries, including the aerospace, automotive, chemical, petroleum, and consumer product industries. The results of this work have been published in a variety of books and journals, including: the Journal of Marketing Research, the Journal of Marketing, Marketing Science, Management Science, Organization Science, Sloan Management Review, and a wide array of special issues. She is an Editorial Board Member of the Journal of Marketing Research, and Marketing Letters, and is an Area Editor for the International Journal of Research in Marketing. More recently, she was named a Dean’s Term Chair Professor in 2009 and given the Lou Stern Award 2007 for the article in marketing channels and distribution with the greatest impact on the field three to eight years after publication. In 2003, she was named one of the top twenty “potential leaders of the next generation of marketing academics” by the Marketing Science Institute and in 2004 she was given the title of Caldwell Research Fellow, an internal award for research excellence.

Her current work involving online, reverse auctions has received significant attention from the academic community and the marketplace, including The Wall Street Journal, CFO Magazine, and Harvard Business Review. It also earned her a Frank Batten Young Scholar Award, given to top junior faculty for exemplary research in E-Business and Supply Chain Management. She joined the Goizueta Business School in 2001; prior to that, Professor Jap was on the faculty at the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her teaching includes courses in channel management, internet marketing, CRM analytic fieldwork, and marketing management in MBA, BBA, and Executive Education programs.

She has a bachelor’s degree and a Ph.D in marketing from the University of Florida (Go Gators!). She is on the editorial review boards at the Journal of Marketing Research, International Journal of Research in Marketing, and Marketing Letters. She is currently the President Elect of the American Marketing Association’s Academic Council. She joined Goizueta in 2001 after being on the Management Science faculty at the Sloan School at MIT. She was a visiting faculty member at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania from 2008-2009. Professor Jap speaks frequently on issues related to organizational collaboration and partnering.

Here is a clip of her remarks to the Marketing Science Institute’s Board of Trustees on the topic of organizational trust. In 2010, she co-launched the Marketing Analytics Center (EmoryMAC), an initiative to facilitate research collaborations between industry and faculty and equip students in state-of-the-art analytical techniques.

DeKalb Business Today – December 2, 2015



On a special edition of DeKalb Business Today, host Matt Holmes sits down to talk about the future of commerce in DeKalb with two of the top business leaders in the county. Al Edwards shares his perspective as a longtime DeKalb resident and business owner. Ray Gilley reflects on his first year heading up operations at the Decide DeKalb Development Authority and looks at some of the keys to attracting more business to the county.


DBTAlbert Edwards/Founder & Managing Director of CERM, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce

Albert Edwards is the Founder and Managing Director of Corporate Environmental Risk Management, LLC (CERM), a regional engineering, environmental and program management firm that provides vast services for some of Atlanta’s premier institutions, including MARTA, Georgia Power, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the Atlanta Beltline and many others.

Mr. Edwards chairs CERM’s Management Committee and provides day-to-day leadership and strategic direction to the firm’s business management, project delivery and client management functions. Mr. Edwards has more than 20 years of experience in the environmental and engineering industry in assisting organizations managing of environmental, engineering, infrastructure and capital projects throughout the United States.

He is heavily involved in the greater Atlanta region community, serving as the Chairman of the Board of the DeKalb County Chamber of Commerce, the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Regulatory Fairness Board of Directors; Georgia Piedmont Technical Colleges Foundation’s Trustee Board and Camp of Champions Board of Advisors. Mr. Edwards has been honored with the Georgia Governor’s Small Business Award of Excellence Award, the Georgia Mentor Protégé Connection Eagle Award, COMTO Transportation Trail Blazer and the DeKalb Chamber Apex Small Business of the Year Award, among many other community service and business acknowledgments.


DBTRay Gilley/President of the Decide DeKalb Development Authority

As President of the Decide DeKalb Development Authority, Ray Gilley leads a professional staff and works with his board and partners to deliver comprehensive economic development services designed to increase high wage jobs, capital investment and diversify the DeKalb economy.

“Decide DeKalb will continue to develop and cultivate the industries of advanced manufacturing, logistics, professional and business services, as well as support trades, tourism and life sciences throughout DeKalb County,” said Ray Gilley. “These represent healthy industries in our country so we will create an environment in our region that allows for synergistic growth.”

He was formerly Chief Executive Officer at Solodev, a leading provider of content management software that enables organizations to easily manage and maximize their online presence. Ray worked with his Solodev team to provide secure and scalable online solutions for clients in diverse industries, including healthcare, government and enterprise corporations. Previously, Ray was Executive Council Director for TWsquared, a leading regional PR & marketing firm. He served as President of Metro Orlando EDC where he and his team produced 41,300 announced high wage jobs and $2.69 billion in capital investment from 2001 through 2010. They marketed Orlando internationally and focused on economic diversification and consistently attracted innovative industries to Central Florida, including the Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute. Ray’s leadership resulted in the retention and expansion of major employers including Lockheed Martin, Darden Restaurants, EA Sports and JetBlue.

Ray also served 15 years in professional and executive roles in the electric utility industry with Progress/Duke Energy. He is currently a board of trustee member at University of Central Florida and the International Economic Development Council. Other former boards include Florida TaxWatch, BBVA Compass Central Market, Orlando Health, Leesburg Regional Medical Center. He is past chair of Workforce Florida and the Florida Economic Development Council.

DADC Mission

The Development Authority of DeKalb County is charged with bringing prosperity to DeKalb County through stimulating new investment, expanding existing industry and developing sustainable economic strategies for balanced growth in every DeKalb community through the following services:

  • Loan and Grant Programs.
  • Business and Film Site Selection Services.
  • Business Recruiting and Retention.
  • Business Start-up Assistance and Capacity Building.
  • Incentive Programs.
  • International Business Facilitation.

The DADC works closely with local and state wide governments, including Workforce Development, DeKalb-based Chambers of Commerce, business associations, utility companies, colleges and universities, large private sector employers, as well as neighborhood and community groups. Through collaboration with local governments, businesses and citizens we can expand DeKalb’s economy, strengthen our tax base, support local businesses and create an IDEAL DeKalb!

DeKalb Business Today “Lunch Hour” – November 20, 2015


On the latest edition of DeKalb Business Today, we look inside the worlds of corporate coaching, health insurance and tech help for seniors. Jeff Lovejoy tells us how ActionCOACH is helping businesses small and large to find new paths to success. Eric W. Smith talks about how the Affordable Care Act has changed and grown his business. Jane Ratliff explains how her 85 year old mother inspired a non-profit that’s now helping seniors all over Metro Atlanta.

Jeff Lovejoy/ActionCOACH



Jeff joined ActionCOACH out of a desire to help owners grow their businesses in pursuit of their dreams and to provide a positive contribution to their community. His goal is to take the seemingly complicated responsibility of running a successful business and make it simple and fun. He helps owners de-mystify sales, marketing, planning, profit growth, leadership, business systems, time management, team building and financial management responsibilities. In working with Jeff, business owners are able to increase the success of their business which increases profits while gaining more “free time”. Examples of the benefits Jeff has provided local business owners include:

 Doubled annual revenue for two customers within first year of working with them

 Dramatically improved efficiency of a nonprofit’s Executive. Dir.

 Guided business owners of several companies create structure in their business

 Guided owners of a 20 year old business in strategies that results in a more empowered workforce

 Helped business partners gain strategic focus to double revenue and profits in three years

 Worked with owner of engineering business to design his sales process

Prior to joining ActionCOACH Jeff had built a successful 26 year career in sales, sales management, sales support leadership, marketing and project management. As a Senior Vice President at Bank of America and Wachovia he led initiatives that achieved dramatic results.

 Increased sales teams’ annual results by over 27%, on average, through training and simplifying the sales process

 Played key role in driving division’s sales teams towards consultative selling

 Developed a team that improved the quality of over 900 proposals

 Led initiative to raise the quality of marketing communications

 Received a national award for best practices in sales effectiveness in financial services.

Eric W. Smith/Managing Director, The EWS Financial Group



Having been involved in an eclectic array of business transactions across the country, Eric W. Smith brings 25 years of experience in the insurance and financial marketplace.

As the Managing Director of The EWS Financial Group, Eric W. Smith has had exposure to the most intense of marketing, sales and financial environments in some of the most competitive markets in the United States.  Having consulted on several large projects, to include It’s Cool To Be Smart – Saving Our Daughters, Natural Solutions International – A Self Help Healthcare Club, the Atlanta premier of the movie PANTHER, and the fostering of international trade relations with Haiti and other Caribbean nations, Mr. Smith gained the integrity and respect from many of the firms flourishing in the Atlanta business community.

Mr. Smith brings with him the credentials of having worked with groups including, The Atlanta Empowerment Zone Corporation, Workplace Learning Solutions LLC, Staffing Innovations, Inc., The National Black Women’s Health Project, MHR International, Inc.  The Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games (ACOG), The National Conference of Black Mayors, Software Technology Associates, Inc., and several other independent consulting operations.

The New Beginnings Network is an exciting blend of varied financial solutions for almost every personal or corporate interest. As affiliate consultant for the network, Smith offers access to many of the opportunities that serve to meet the needs of clients that are in search of protecting assets, building wealth, philanthropic giving, social change, travel/leisure and creating additional income streams and profit centers.

In 2008, Smith developed “Your Life, Your Legacy, Your Masterpiece” for our country’s Seniors. This entertaining, yet educational program is best described by the Office of Senior Affairs for Dekalb County, Georgia’s Human Development Department as providing a thought provoking “road map for any Senior that wants to have the final say on how they want to be remembered.”

Additionally, his very popular “Hey Dad! Will Your Dreams For Your ‘Little Girl’ Come True If You Die?” provides insurance solutions so that every ‘Daddy’s Girl” can live the life their father dreamed.

In closing, Mr. Smith’s exposure to such a diverse marketplace has afforded him the opportunity to sit on various panels discussing financial strategies, consult with new and established artists about marketing and contract negotiation and write for various publications about the virtues of natural medicine and alternative investments. This wide reaching background serves as a catalyst for innovative thinking and his ability to truly recognize and be a part of “the next big thing.”


Jane Ratliff/Executive Director, Bluehair Technology Group


DBTBluehair Technology Group (BHT) educates and guides seniors in the use of technology and social media, increasing their ability to stay connected to their family, friends, and the world. Through small hands on workshops, we work to build confidence and remove the confusion and frustration that seniors face surrounding technology.

BHT was founded in 2012 by Jane Ratliff after teaching her mother, then 85, how to use an iPad over the course of 3 months. Mrs. Ratliff realized the need for senior adults to have personal training about technology and the tools available to help them connect with their families and friends. BHT began teaching workshops to seniors living in the Metro-Atlanta, including Gwinnett County, with only volunteer instructors and 30 seniors. Since 2012, BHT brought on 5 paid instructors, had 300 volunteers from teenagers to retirees, hosted a 1,000 workshops at 28 different venues, and reached almost 2,000 seniors.